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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Manly moth in monochrome

Hey there bloggers, sorry the posts have been low on the ground.My Husband is having holiday week off and we have been busy doing things with the children, so creating has been low on the ground.
But we did have a monkey on our car windscreen yesterday, which is amazing in anybody's world!!!!!
We took the children to a safari and all loved it, our little girl chattered away and the boys were amazed, clicking their cameras to capture the bears and rhinos and monkeys right near the car.!!!
Awesome eh?
Also the Internet has had some 'issues'!!!
Back to crafting...
So here I am with a card I made a while back.It is one of those that kind of evolved into much more than I planned and I am thrilled with it.

The stamps used were from a creative expressions plate and I decided to keep the colours limited and really like the effect.It is the first time I've made a easel card and I really enjoyed it.Anyway, enough ramblings I will let the card speak for itself.

Happy crafting, ta trace x
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  2. Love the card with the pen nib on the moth. You are soooo clever!


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