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Sunday 25 March 2012

creative chemistry 101, day five..my favourite this week!!!! last post today!!!

Hey there,
Well hey there, I have loved every bit of this weeks creative chemistry Course and am amazed at just how hard Tim Holtz has worked and thought everything through so carefully, to educate, inspire, and give confidence, as well as sharing his passion for his art!!He is truly amazing !!! Not that I am a fan or anything!!!!!!!!!
So today has been my favourite day so far...just because the effects have been so cool, and the colours so rich and I now have so many ideas for playing with my stains along with a wish list for the colours I don't have!!!!! well as Tim says, we need it all right?!

so here are my tags for day five..
stained kraft resist:
stamping with stains:
this was fanatastic, so cool and just look at the yummy colours, how much fun i am going to have now i have confidence to play with more colours!!
last but not least for day five:
marbled stains:

again i loved this!
I think i loved the fact that having played with these myself and been fairly pleased i now have found a new LOVE for these and the inspiration and confidence to play some more and enjoy my journey!!!
well here is too week two..........THANKS TIM!!!
hugs trace x


  1. WOW!! Having a wee look at your last few posts, these tags are just amazing!! You sound as though you are really enjoying Sir Timmie's course Trace, Fabulous creations, Hugs May x x x x

  2. What great tags! It is a lot of fun learning with Tim. I love both of your tags. These techniques feel so "artistic" to me. See you in class tomorrow..

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to get to Day Five.... I get to do 4 when I get home and I'm EXCITED!!!!!

  4. 3 more wonderful tags - I'm still behind.

  5. Oh, my... they are gorgeous! I can't wait to find time to do this... thankfully we can do it at our own pace.... yours are beautiful!


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