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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

woyww #164, some different angles and a sunny trio of treasures.

well it is that great midweek time
where courtesy of Julia, our hostess
we hop around blogland to see the crafty spaces, places and people
if you want to join in all the midweek fun, hop across here .
so here are some different angles of my crafty space:

you can just see bagpuss clinging to the top of a pot..
my butterfly lights...
and the fab tag ..i had as part or our tag swap
from the lovely and talented Mel
her work can be found here

then there is a storage unit waiting for decoration
my fab spinners!
and a lovely Indian piece, that has been attached to the back of the door
love all those colours and textures...

and then
because the sun is shining...
at last...
.here is my trio of sunny treasures.....
who quite obviously are NOTon my desk..!
but had some much fun yesterday i could not resist adding their smiley faces:

even when the sun is not shining they brighten my day !

have a fun and inky day


  1. Great to see your work space in the sunshine - its very pretty ! Glad the family are enjoying this sunshine ! Ali (can't find WOYWW this week ! But have you on my blog list so your posts appear each time !) Ali

  2. Great craft space! I love looking around it :) xxx

  3. Hi Trace, liking that view of your room, that Indian piece on your door is amazing, love the colours. Your trio look pretty amazing too - best place to be, in the pool. Happy WOYWW, Anne x

  4. Well your studio is full of all kinds of delightful treasures and the kids are adorable! Thanks for the peek! Happy WOYWW Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  5. Now, that would have been a good way to spend the day.... Love all your art hanging round your walls, I wish I had somewhere to display some of mine.... Helen, 6

  6. I love the glimpse of your workspace. That Indian piece looks amazing - what a fab way to cover up a door! And I love how you have lots of artwork on your walls or close to hand. But I'm afraid as lovely as your desk is, your other photo completely overshadows it!!! :) Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  7. Oooh lovely crafty space you have there - very inspiring! Love the photo of your three children too they are having fun arent they! My two dont break up until today, roll on 3.10 - cant wait! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #1

  8. Oh what a cute picture. And that's just the shot of your desk! No really, don't your trio of treasures look happy and smiley - love that. Love the vibe your work area is giving too - clean and colourful...very inspiring. Except maybe Bagpuss could use a hand....!

  9. Gosh your craftspace looks so much more interesting than mine - love the butterflies on your wall.
    Cheers, Elaine #10

  10. oh hun I love love your craft room oh so much too see and just adore that wall hanging its stunning so beautiful and oh love the photo hun they look like they are having,loads of fun hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  11. Your desk is fab Trace.. I wonder what you will do with the chest of drawers.. looking foward to that one! your beautiful Children Have brightend my day.. they looks so happy having fun.. Have a great week, Hugs May x x x#11

  12. Hi Trace,
    Thanks for being an early visitor.
    Your space is so attractive, lots of arty things and gorgeous colours. Colour and smiles do light up each day.
    Smiles to you,
    Ros. #19

  13. I'm envious oF your spinners. What a lovely corner to play in. Charlotte #42

  14. i love your space its so creative and pretty i plan to put a bit more personality into mine this summer
    tfs happy WOYWW! :) Mrs C.xx #33

  15. Love your crafting space, how pretty is that Indian piece on the back of the door the colours are fab. I can see your children are making the most of the weather. happy crafting jill #32

  16. Oh, I love the butterfly lights and the purple fabric at the side of your space. I'm all about purple!
    Aeryn @ #27

  17. ooh your craft space is gorgeous and those butterfly lights are the most fabulous lights I have ever ever ever seen - I so want some! Thanks for visiting my desk and have a fab week xx

  18. Love the decorations on your walls and that indian piece on the back of your door, just beautiful. Oh and your children, they are also beautiful and I can see why they brighten your day.

    Eliza #16

  19. i adore your workdesk area, its so light and airy. the tags are fantastic, some really nice art work. x

  20. What a wonderful space Trace...it just looks like it would be so pleasant to sit and create there. Very inspiring.
    I love the butterfly lights and all those little hooks to embellish with anything that takes your fancy ;D
    You have adorable smiley munchkins. It looks like they're having the perfect summers day that we all remember so well.
    Treasured memories :D
    Neesie #20

  21. All those tags look very inspirational. And the paddling pool is out - don't think ours has seen the light of day for a couple of years due to the weather. Of course the kids are at a sports club this week, but I could surprise them with it when they get home!

    ** Kate ** @58

  22. What a lovely workspace, love the wall hanging. Francesca#53

  23. love the new angles of your desk ,that indian fabric is a real inspiration to have next to you, and yes your spinners are beautiful! the kids though are the most precious things hey?

    dx @ 65

  24. What a lovely post. You room is stunning. i love looking at all your decorations and artwork. Your sunny treasures look as though they are having a brilliant time. I have one sunny treasure who would love to join in with them in the paddling pool. No sun here in Yorkshire, Boo Hoo!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #67

  25. Morning Trace. Thanks for popping by - The rock pool is finished and posted. I was so happy the water worked as I definitely did not have a plan B!! I wonder how you are going to decorate your drawers? I love the hanging that is next to them - a definite contrast of styles at the moment!! Minimalist meets Bollywood glamour! Great summer photo. Kids, Sunshine and Water - Happy days. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  26. I could marry your tags and have their babies, they are so lovely.

    And your children? Divine!

    Lovely to have some sun isn't it? I'm lucky that the beach is at the bottom of my road.

    Jakix #72

  27. Wonderful to see your kids Trace, they look like they're having a splashing time! They're gorgeous too, hope the sun sticks around for them. You must get so much inspiration from your crafty space, with all your wonderful makes and swaps around you. It's just brilliant! I'm finished our mini challenge. I just have to write up the blog post for our big reveal! lol Can't wait. Michelle x

  28. Wonderful to see your kids Trace, they look like they're having a splashing time! They're gorgeous too, hope the sun sticks around for them. You must get so much inspiration from your crafty space, with all your wonderful makes and swaps around you. It's just brilliant! I'm finished our mini challenge. I just have to write up the blog post for our big reveal! lol Can't wait. Michelle x

  29. TRace your kids look so happy there in the pool, I bet you had a brilliant time watching them. I love your crafty corner, with all your inspiration around you. I'm finished our little project, I just have to write the blog post. Which will take me ages! I can't tell what you're making there, I think I might have a good idea though he he! Can't wait to see. Michelle x

  30. Love your workspace, and I love tags, lovely to see the three smiling faces too.

    Jan S 88

  31. Love the pic of your kids!! It hardly seems any time since my boys loved their paddling pool too...not quite the same now they're 19 and 16!!
    I adore that Indian hanging on your door, could live with that happily :D
    Hugs, LLJ ~27 xx

  32. You have a lovely workspace with plenty of inspiration hanging on the walls - I do like your hooks too - perfect for hanging tags on. Great pic of your happy children, clearly enjoying the heat. thanks for sharing and have a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #24

  33. I love the alternative views and that fabric panel on the door is just beautiful. Love the littlies having a great time in the pool, let's hope the sun keeps shining for the Olympics and the school holidays!

    Brenda 86

  34. Love your space and your fab spinners... your trio is adorable, bet they would hop on your desk if you would let them :) #102

  35. Oh - I can even see the sun shining in on your craft desk - I'm so jealous!! From a dull and rainy NIreland!
    Bernice #74

  36. What a great work space. Love how you have those hooks in the bottom of the shelf, what a great idea! Cute bunch of kids you have!

  37. The storage unit is awesome. It will look good decorated. dani #110

  38. ooooh you look like you have NICE children.... wanna swap???!!! xxxx Trish #55

  39. Great pics, glad to see children enjoying themselves and no better way than in a pool this weather! Take care & enjoy this week's desk hop/nose/snoop. Zo xx 69

  40. Awwww! Your "sunny treasures" are absolutely beautiful!!! Your workspace is GORGEOUS too!!!! And I love your spinners...one of these days I'll have tons of those too!!

    Amy E. #14

  41. Whoo! Sunshine! I'm all for is (she says as she shivers in her office). The kiddos look like they are having a wonderful time. Two thumbs up for sure! I didn't realize the string of butterflies were lights. How cool! The desk and area is looking good. I love that hanging fabric-gorgeous color and texture.

  42. All those tags hanging are beautiful. Love 'em. And butterfly lights...so cute!!!

  43. Bagpuss! I love Bagpuss. Wait, not what I should be getting from this! I love all the art decorating your space. And your butterflies are just beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting and being lovely.
    cheers, rachel #16

  44. A lovely post so much craftiness and smiley faces, everthing looks better when the sunshines doresn't it?
    janet #18

  45. My first visit as an official WOYWW visitor!! What a lovely workspace (gotta get me some spinners... had some birthday money I meant to set aside for them but it went on stamps in the end!), hooks above is clever. And how cute are your three paddlers?!
    Alison x

  46. ooh i love all the bits and bobs you have hanging up and around - very inspirational! jenx 61

  47. Super work space, and that wall hanging is gorgeous. Love the little bathing beauties too :) Di xx #13

  48. Your room looks like so much fun, love the gorgeous piece hanging on the back of the door. #81

  49. All the tags and your pretty butterflies look great. Best of all, it was nice of you to share your sunshine and the kids sunny smiles with us!

  50. happy WOYWW! i was going to say those tags and storage and your desk were fabulous but they pale in comparison to your gorgeous trio of treasures! adorable!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  51. For some reason I never imagined you having children but what a delightful surprise it was to see those three today. Such happiness shines from that photo.
    Love your new photos , especially that Indian piece, how fabulous to have that for inspiration.
    Hugs, Neet xx8

  52. Love your workspace - that indian hanging is GORGEOUS!
    Three beautiful children too - you must be very proud!
    Happy Crafting

  53. Thanks for stopping by this week Tracey, I’m so late getting round to everyone again but better late than never!

    Your room is looking great this week. I love your butterfly lights, I bet they look great when they are lit. I also love the way you have all the little hooks under your shelving so that you have your projects up. Mine get tucked away in a drawer or box but it’s much nicer to have them out on show.

    Happy Crafting!


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